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Considering a car alarm? Have a read about car alarm systems here

Carjackings are up 12.3% according to 2014 #CrimestatsCar theft and hijackings. Are we still at risk? Look at our different options on Vehicle Tracking and get a big brother on your side

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Is smash-and-grab tinting for you?

Get a few ideas on accessorizing your ride, here

Do you love listening to music? Is your car translating your music accurately for you? Check out our car sound solutions. We have a solution to fit your pocket and your ears. And we'll save you space too!

Statistics are for actuaries. Don't become one.

Secure your vehicle

With 5,000 hijackings and 27,000 vehicle thefts in Gauteng alone in 2012, you can't be too careful.

It starts with securing your vehicle with a state-of-the-art anti-hijack car alarm system. Make sure all doors are locked with a reliable car central-locking system.

Make sure your hard-earned possession is still there with a gear-lock, still a very effective way of deterring would-be thieves.

In addition, Park-distance control systems (PDCs) are for those walls that sneak up on you. These in addition to rear-view cameras will ensure your asset is safe while navigating those nooks-and-crannies, and will also ensure children and animals will be seen before a regrettable situation occurs.

Smash-and-grab window tinting will protect your hard-earned belongings from prying eyes and quick fingers, and will protect your skin from the harsh African sun. Studies have proven a link to skin cancer. Block out those UV rays with approved window tinting.

Leading South African vehicle tracking companies have trusteAudio Evolution with their reputation and products. Get your own back with Ctrack

Our technicians are trustworthy, qualified and vetted to make sure you get back home. Every time. We will facilitate you from enquiry to fitment.



Combine your VESA-approved Sanji or Autowatch car alarm system with gearlocks, smash-and-grab tinting and a vehicle tracking device or 2 and then squeeze your insurance for a reduction in rates. Make sure it's still parked there when you get back.

Night-driving? Off-roading?

Check out our HID replacement kits and Xenon bulbs for whiter, brighter light. This is a relatively inexpensive aftermarket fitment that will ensure better visibility for night driving. See and be seen with HID lighting.


Secure your person

In this day-and-age where it might not be safe to get lost, or to ask for directions, our in car GPS systems will get you confidently to your destination. Whether it's live tracking off your tracking system with the control centre in your ear, or a Tom-Tom or in car DVD GPS system to keep you on the straight and narrow, let the technology take care of your safety.

Our bluetooth handsfree carkits will help keep your eyes on the road and you safely in communication with the world. Free up your hands and your attention with portable visor handsfree kits to wired Parrot Bluetooth handsfree carkits that will also give you music-streaming. Bluetooth handsfree solutions from R500.